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The Kennedy Suite - Well Being Service

The Kennedy Suite

In 2011 Headway Northampton was proud to open "The Kennedy Suite".

Quickly very popular with our service users it offers the kind of calming and relaxing treatments that may not available or affordable elsewhere. Treatments that help improve self-esteem and potentially reduce high levels of anxiety.

It also provides a method to maintain personal care in a familiar environment. Something priceless to those no longer able to attend to themselves at home.

But The Kennedy Suite doesn't just provide personal grooming facilities, it also allows for a welcome element of pampering such as haircuts, facials, and manicures all at a reduced cost.

Fully accessible to individuals with disabilities, The Kennedy Suite is reserved purely for those who have a neurological or physical disability. However it is not required that you regularly attend Headway Northampton.

Feel like some pampering? The Kennedy Suite offers...

Ladies and Gents Hairdressing - Wash, cut and blow-dry Wash and blow-dry

Shower, Jacuzzi - enjoy the ultimate hot tub experience, let the warm water and the massaging jets relieve tired muscles and joints.

Walk-in Bath - enjoy an accessible bath with hydro jets, a lovely relaxing experience.

Mini Manicure - a treat for your hands and nails. Nail soak, hand massage, shape and choice of nail colour. 1/2hr

Mini Pedicure - a treat for tired feet .Foot soak, foot massage, nail shape and choice of nail colour. - 1/2hr

Mini Facial - enjoy this beauty treatment, tone, mini facial massage and moisturising - 1/2hr

Full Manicure - a luxury regime for your hands and nails, heat treatment with either paraffin wax or heated mitts, helping your nails and hands feel incredible. - 1hr

Full Pedicure - Luxury, therapeutic treatment using waxes, creams and other treatments making your feet feel rested and refreshed. - 1hr

Full Facial - deep cleansing of the skin, exfoliate and rehydrate your skin using luxury creams, face, neck and shoulder massage Feel younger, firmer, fresher and lovelier. - 1hr