Supporting those with brain injury in Northamptonshire
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Make a Donation!

Thank you. We are a non-for-profit charity with no government funding and every pound you donate is vitally important to us.


All fund-raising for Headway Northampton is greatly appreciated and allows the work of the charity to continue. We are open minded to ideas from volunteers and will provide as much support as we can to allow your project to be successful.

All fund-raising is used to benefit the service users. No fund-raising money is spent on administration or running costs.

If you wish to fund-raise for Headway Northampton, let us know what you have in mind. We would love to be hear your idea and to discuss how we can help you.

How to set up your own fundraising page for Headway Northampton

Northampton Headway uses Mydonate from BT to raise funds online. That's because every single penny that donors contribute (excluding credit and debit card charges) is paid to us.

And BT even collects Gift Aid on our behalf to maximise the fundraising. (Other fundraising website will take a percentage of every donation)

To set up your own sponsorship web page on Mydonate, you can simply follow the instructions on the website, but for extra assistance, here are all the steps from the beginning.

  1. Go to the Mydonate website - you can click this link
  2. Cick the second link at the top 'Start Fundraising' and in the search box on that page enter 'Northampton Headway' Click submit.
  3. Now you are on the "Start Fundraising" page, click the option to "Create My Challenge."
  4. Now Input your details in the form on the screen, there are a couple of easy pages and it doesn't take long.
  5. Then once everything is filled in, click to submit the form. Your very own MyDonate page to support Headway Northampton is created straight away!

Thank you.